About North of the Borders

North of the Borders is a podcast. Wait, come back.

Chris and Louise Scullion are a married couple who recently moved to Edinburgh.

Chris and Louise

Chris is Scottish and Louise is Canadian. They met each other when they were both living in London.

Chris is a freelance video game journalist. He’s got a childish sense of humour. He blows all his money on games and shite horror films, particularly Italian ones from the ’80s.

Louise is a project manager for a market research firm. She also has a childish sense of humour but does a better job of hiding it. She’s a massive fan of Ash. The band, not the substance.

Chris constantly tries to get Louise into video games and shit horror films. He’s still trying.

North of the Borders is a podcast covering a wide range of topics: film, games, TV, music, sightseeing and current affairs. Chris and Louise have an opinion on everything, and usually that ends in a lively debate.

Okay then, an argument.

We hope you like our podcast. If you do, please review it on iTunes and spread the word.



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