Episode 5 – The Fifth Elephant

Have we got a show for you!

(Spoiler: Yes. Yes we have. It’s below.)

In the milestone fifth episode, Chris and Louise discuss their visit to Dynamic Earth, an Edinburgh attraction that threatens to make learning fun.

“We’ll be the judge,” we thought. So we went. And now in the podcast we do indeed be the judge and such.

As for our TV choices this week, we talk about the first few episodes of Ash vs The Evil Dead, and the first episode of Jessica Jones.

If that wasn’t enough, we also discuss the film that got Chris into bad movies in the first place, the infamous (i.e. not famous) Scream Bloody Murder.

Also making an appearance in this episode:

• Poutine vs chips, cheese and gravy
• The worst film we’ve ever sat through
• Should ‘Z’ be pronounced ‘zed’ or ‘zee’? And should the surname of person who asked us this (Jacques) be pronounced ‘Jack’ or ‘Jakes’?
• Are there any good Canadian soap operas?
• The classic Jaffa Cake ‘cake or biscuit’ discussion you’ve heard a million times, but now with us talking about it instead of the other people you’ve heard talking about it in the past


You can find the embedded version at the top of this post, or if you’re more of a downloader here’s the direct MP3 file (right-click and Save As).

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Coming soon!


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