Episode 4 – A New Pope

We’ve had a brief hiatus because Louise’s dad was visiting from Canada, but now we’re back to normality it’s time for Episode 4.

This week we discuss the big film of the day, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and whether we think it’s worth a wee gander.

We also talk about Halloween documentary The American Scream and the 50’s horror gem House Of Wax.

It isn’t all films this week though. Other discussion topics include:

• The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh’s hidden street from the past
• Whether Jonathan Ross would be able to name all the James Bond films properly
• How we’d kill James Bond if we were evil geniuses
• That bloody John Lewis ad – just what’s the deal with that old guy?
• The return of Cadbury’s Fuse
• Powerpuff Girls vs Sailor Moon
• Find out which male celebrity makes Chris “beam” every time he sees him


You can find the embedded version at the top of this post, or if you’re more of a downloader here’s the direct MP3 file (right-click and Save As).

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• If the Real Mary King’s Close sounds like the sort of thing you’d be interested in, here’s the website. And here’s a wee look at the Close itself:

The Real Mary King's Close

• Too young to remember the controversial ‘Ghostbusters’ vs ‘Real Ghostbusters’ cartoon war? Here’s an episode of each for you to decide which is best:

• Chris wasn’t lying about meeting Jonathan Ross after all. Here’s the proof:

Chris and Jonathan Ross

• If you’ve never seen any of the “knowing is half the battle” lessons in the GI Joe cartoon, here’s why it’s important to tell the truth:

• Louise briefly mentioned the death in Jason X in which Jason freezes someone’s head and smashes it. Have a gander if you’re brave enough:

• And finally, all that chat about the John Lewis Christmas advert will be a little confusing if you haven’t seen it yet, so here you go:


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