Episode 2 – Oh Ma Gawd We’re Back Again

North Of The Borders is now a week old and since it would appear you didn’t think the first episode was entirely shite, we’ve decided to record another one for your listening pleasure.

This week the chat turns to video games as Chris gushes about Lego Dimensions while Louise tries her best to sound similarly enthusiastic.

If your tastes are more celluloid in nature we also discuss the classic musical Singin’ In The Rain, as well as the first episode of American Horror Story (complete with a terrible and overly elaborate ‘late to the party’ metaphor).

Other talking points include:

• Us accidentally thinking Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh was actually Calton Hill
• Why Chris used to mishear Phil Collins and Louise used to mishear Ultravox
• Louise burping, declaring she’s bored then going to the toilet mid-podcast. Generally being massively unprofessional, essentially
• Which cheese absorbs a bullet better: cheddar or brie?
• Ride To Hell – is it the worst game ever? (spoilers: no)
• Where would Chris and Louise like to live in Canada and Scotland?
• What’s our favourite bad movie and bad game?
• Would you rather get chased by 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Interested? Of course you are. Probably. Find out below how to listen to it, then head on to the listener’s guide for links, photos and clips for the topics we’ve discussed this week.


You can find the embedded version at the top of this post, or if you’re more of a downloader here’s the direct MP3 file (right-click and Save As).

If you’re more of an iTunes person, you can find us on iTunes here. Please subscribe and review us!

Maybe you don’t have iTunes. Maybe you despise the Apple machine. In that case, may we recommend Pocket Cast, a useful app for Android, iOS and PC? You can find North Of The Borders there with this link.

Finally, if you’d rather use your own podcasting software or app of choice, here’s the feed link to paste in:



• As discussed, we went on a walk that took us past Arthur’s Seat (not Calton Hill as we stupidly stated in the podcast) and the mysterious Innocent Railway. Here’s some pics:

• If you want to hear our misheard songs in full, get stuck into Phil Collins’ Sussudio (aka I’ll Sue Sue Sue Ya):

• …and here’s Ultravox’s Vienna (aka Diana):

• If you’re curious about Lego Dimensions (even though Louise was clearly less than enthused), you can read Chris’s massive article on it over at his gaming site, Tired Old Hack.

• Debbie Reynolds did indeed auction off some of her movie memorabilia. Here’s a video of her showing some of it off to CNN:

• As mentioned, Scream: The TV Series (which we discussed in episode 1) is now available on Netflix UK, all ten episodes of the sod.

• If Ullapool sounds like heaven to you, here’s its website.

• Curious about Two Worlds? Have a look at Chris’s favourite bad game in action:

• …and here’s the trailer for Bloody Murder, his favourite bad movie:

• Here’s the clip of Gus which Chris mentions at one point:

• One of the listeners’ questions was from Michael Beckwith, asking Chris how to get into the games journalism industry. As promised, here’s Chris’s article explaining the process.

• Finally, we were asked for our favourite modern high-concept horror films. Here’s Chris’s reviews of Unfriended, Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon and The Taking Of Deborah Logan.


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