Episode 1 – How It All Began

Welcome to the first ever episode of North Of The Borders, a brand new podcast brought to you by Chris and Louise Scullion, a married couple living in Edinburgh.

It’s only polite to make a proper introduction, so in Episode 1 we kick things off by telling you a little bit about ourselves: who we are, what we do and our respective blood types.


Discussion topics this week include:

  • Edinburgh – it’s quite nice eh?
  • Our tour of the National Library Of Scotland and its hidden underground secret
  • Scream: The TV Series – we’ve watched it all, so find out what we think
  • Road House, the vintage 1989 Patrick Swayze film
  • What Chris hates about Canada and what Louise hates about Scotland
  • Find out definitively which country is best at curling
  • It Follows – is it the best horror film ever, and if not, what is?
  • Would Louise consider herself a gamer?
  • The most aggressive-sounding radio advert ever

As will be the case with all episodes, this page will act as a listening guide, providing links and videos to some of the topics raised during the podcast.

First though, give it a listen.


You can find the embedded version at the top of this post, or if you’re more of a downloader here’s the direct MP3 file (right-click and Save As).

If you’re more of an iTunes person, you can find us on iTunes here. Please subscribe and review us!

Maybe you don’t have iTunes. Maybe you despise the Apple machine. In that case, may we recommend Pocket Cast, a useful app for Android, iOS and PC? You can find North Of The Borders there with this link.

Finally, if you’d rather use your own podcasting software or app of choice, here’s the feed link to paste in:



• If you don’t mind a trek up a massive hill, here’s the website for Edinburgh Zoo.

• And here’s us meeting one of the dinosaurs:

Chris and Louise

• If you’re nerdy like us, check out the National Library Of Scotland’s website for information on more tours in the future.

• Here’s the photo of Libberton’s Wynd, the old disused street that lurks in the bowels of the National Library Of Scotland. Click to make it bigger:

Libberton's Wynd

• We use Unblock-Us to gain access to US Netflix, Hulu and the like. Check them out to see how it works and get a free week-long trial.

Scream: The TV Series isn’t yet scheduled for broadcast in the UK, but you can check out a wee trailer for it here so you can see what it’s like:

• If you like the sound of Road House, buy it on DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon.

Every time someone buys something from Amazon from one of our links, we earn a few pence to go towards domain costs for North Of The Borders.

• Alternatively, here’s the trailer for Road House:

• While discussing Road House we mentioned an advert for Dalton Metal Recycling and played its massively aggressive radio ad.

Here’s the local TV version,which uses the same soundtrack set to what appears to be a Windows 95 screensaver.

• If you’re curious about It Follows, here’s Chris’s review of it on his film site.

• In case you want to check for yourself, here’s those curling Winter Olympics records.

• If you’re a young buck and don’t know Aztec Camera, prepare to be educated:

• If you’re curious about Gentle Beau after hearing Louise talk about it, the author is selling handmade comic books. Artisan, I believe they call that.

• Finally, as promised near the end of the podcast, here’s a video of Bruce Forsyth pushing a woman, complete with the audience awkwardly not knowing how to react:


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