Episode 5 – The Fifth Elephant

Have we got a show for you!

(Spoiler: Yes. Yes we have. It’s below.)

In the milestone fifth episode, Chris and Louise discuss their visit to Dynamic Earth, an Edinburgh attraction that threatens to make learning fun.

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Episode 4 – A New Pope

We’ve had a brief hiatus because Louise’s dad was visiting from Canada, but now we’re back to normality it’s time for Episode 4.

This week we discuss the big film of the day, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and whether we think it’s worth a wee gander.

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Episode 3 – Stone Cold Steve Austria

What’s the haps, male or female friend (delete as applicable)? North Of The Borders Episode 3 is right under your ruddy snout and it’s time to talk Austria.

More specifically, it’s time to talk Vienna, what with Louise just coming back from a short break there and all.

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Episode 2 – Oh Ma Gawd We’re Back Again

North Of The Borders is now a week old and since it would appear you didn’t think the first episode was entirely shite, we’ve decided to record another one for your listening pleasure.

This week the chat turns to video games as Chris gushes about Lego Dimensions while Louise tries her best to sound similarly enthusiastic. Continue reading “Episode 2 – Oh Ma Gawd We’re Back Again”

Episode 1 – How It All Began

Welcome to the first ever episode of North Of The Borders, a brand new podcast brought to you by Chris and Louise Scullion, a married couple living in Edinburgh.

It’s only polite to make a proper introduction, so in Episode 1 we kick things off by telling you a little bit about ourselves: who we are, what we do and our respective blood types.

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